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Alaska Region Headquarters
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Public Statements:
Name Description Updated
NOAK47PANTPublic Information Statement - AnnetteNot Available
NOAK49PABRPublic Information Statement - BarrowNot Available
NOAK48PABEPublic Information Statement - BethelNot Available
NOAK48PACDPublic Information Statement - Cold BayNot Available
NOAK48PAKNPublic Information Statement - King SalmonNot Available
NOAK48PADQPublic Information Statement - KodiakNot Available
NOAK49PAOTPublic Information Statement - KotzebueNot Available
NOAK49PAMCPublic Information Statement - McGrathNot Available
NOAK49PAOMPublic Information Statement - NomeNot Available
NOAK48PASNPublic Information Statement - Saint PaulNot Available
NOAK48PAVWPublic Information Statement - ValdezNot Available
NOAK47PAYAPublic Information Statement - YakutatNot Available
NOAK48PACRPublic Information Statement - River Forecast CenterNot Available
NOAK48PAFCPublic Information Statement - Anchorage15:15 02/06/2018
NOAK49PAFGPublic Information Statement - FairbanksNot Available
NOAK47PAJKPublic Information Statement - Juneau10:05 02/07/2018
NWAK58PAFCLocal Storm Report for South Central and Southwest Alaska13:15 02/16/2018
NWAK59PAFGLocal Storm Report for Northern Alaska11:55 02/15/2018
NWAK57PAJKLocal Storm Report for Southeast Alaska21:15 02/15/2018
NWAK59PAMCLocal Storm Report - McGrathNot Available
WWAK87PANTSpecial Weather Statement - AnnetteNot Available
WWAK89PABRSpecial Weather Statement - BarrowNot Available
WWAK88PABESpecial Weather Statement - BethelNot Available
WWAK88PACDSpecial Weather Statement - Cold BayNot Available
WWAK88PAKNSpecial Weather Statement - King SalmonNot Available
WWAK88PADQSpecial Weather Statement - KodiakNot Available
WWAK89PAOTSpecial Weather Statement - KotzebueNot Available
WWAK89PAMCSpecial Weather Statement - McGrathNot Available
WWAK89PAOMSpecial Weather Statement - NomeNot Available
WWAK88PASNSpecial Weather Statement - Saint PaulNot Available
WWAK88PAVWSpecial Weather Statement - ValdezNot Available
WWAK87PAYASpecial Weather Statement - YakutatNot Available
WWAK81PAFCSpecial Weather Statement - AnchorageNot Available
WWAK82PAFCSpecial Weather Statement - AnchorageNot Available
WWAK81PAFGSpecial Weather Statement - FairbanksNot Available
WWAK82PAFGSpecial Weather Statement - Fairbanks06:15 02/17/2018
WWAK83PAFGSpecial Weather Statement - Fairbanks00:25 02/16/2018
WWAK87PAJKSpecial Weather Statement - JuneauNot Available
SXAK78PABERecord Event Report - BethelNot Available
SXAK79PABRRecord Event Report - BarrowNot Available
SXAK78PACDRecord Event Report - Cold BayNot Available
SXAK78PADQRecord Event Report - KodiakNot Available
SXAK78PAFCRecord Event Report - Anchorage16:40 02/16/2018
SXAK79PAFGRecord Event Report - Fairbanks01:20 02/15/2018
SXAK77PAJKRecord Event Report - JuneauNot Available
SXAK78PAKNRecord Event Report - King SalmonNot Available
SXAK79PAMCRecord Event Report - McGrathNot Available
SXAK77PANTRecord Event Report - AnnetteNot Available
SXAK79PAOMRecord Event Report - NomeNot Available
SXAK79PAOTRecord Event Report - KotzebueNot Available
SXAK78PASNRecord Event Report - Saint PaulNot Available
SXAK78PAVWRecord Event Report - ValdezNot Available
SXAK77PAYARecord Event Report - YakutatNot Available

Alaska Region Headquarters
222 West 7th Avenue #23
Anchorage, AK 99513-7575
Voice: 1-907-271-5088
Fax: 1-907-271-3711
Recorded Forecast: 1-800-472-0391
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